Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eleven and a Half

Eleven and a half years ago, I married my best friend. It was one of the best things I ever did.
Yes it probably seems odd to be bringing that up when it's not really our anniversary or anything- but we just celebrated our 11 yr anniversary last weekend. Better late than never, right? We usually do better about celebrating on or around the actual date, but 20 months ago, we had to put it off b/c I was 9 months pregnant. So we wound up celebrating at the "and a half" mark.

For our anniversaries, we always make it a point to have a "honeymoon". Some fantastic advise that our pre-marital counselors gave us; and we are so glad!
This year, thanks to a fabulous Groupon deal, we went to Corbett, Oregon. To the View Point Inn. It was pretty much perfect for us; close by, very quiet, gorgeous scenery, and good food.

In fact, the food was fabulous. The chef went above and beyond in working with my special diet- and it was the best salmon I have ever ever had. I ate it while looking at this:

And afterwards, we went for a walk to the little pond on the grounds. I had to take a picture for the kids:
I wish I had remembered to bring my camera. Cell phone photos really don't do it justice. But we had a lovely time, and I'm excited to see what the next 11 and a half years will bring.


Steve Rice said...

Congrats to you and Joel. Doesn't seem like that long ago we were all in OR...fresh out off PCC. LOL

Bob Roush said...
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Bob Roush said...

Congratulations Laurel, it sounds like you and Joel are doing many things correctly. Yes it is better late than never... late sometimes is a good thing.