Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring just may have finally Sprung

It seems as though Spring may finally have descended on the Pacific Northwest. At least we can hope. We've had a whole 3 days without rain.

And the kids are loving it!

Roo made a discovery recently. What boy doesn't just love to play....

In The Dirt?? With the arrival of Spring (and the dirt)- it must be time for Spring Cleaning, right?

Well, Bear thought that was an ok idea. He even managed to look rather dashing in the midst of it all.
And with the coming of Spring, it must be time to check out the local parks and see which you will spend the most time in over the Summer, right?

Well, the cousins thought this one was pretty great. There was lots to show each other. (quick, tell me which is older, left or right??)
(left. By a full year.)

After all the Spring fun, one must get rested up for Summer.....

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