Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer of (Re)Organization

We are in the beginnings of our summer break.

Well, the kids are. School's done for the summer, the sun is occasionally out, and their responsibilities are basic daily chores, getting along with each other, and having a good time. How fun to be a kid.

In celebration of/preparation for that, the kids and I spent the weekend reorganizing a few things, and weeding out some others. I had them thin down their toys a bit and clean it all up and organize it so that I could then bring out the Treasure Chest.

The Treasure Chest is full of Legos. Full. A collection of many years; from when my brothers and I were growing up. This is about a quarter of the full collection. (Unfortunately, the other 3/4 of our collection was stolen a few years ago, but we are very glad that these were not.)

I love that my kids love playing with the contents of the Treasure Chest. I love that they have imaginations that are not taken over by video games and TV shows. I love that they would rather play and build and imagine than sit and stare. I intend to encourage that in any way I possibly can.

To that end, this summer, we have the Treasure Chest fully available (it's been in storage for over a year because of a little Roo that put everything in his little mouth-but now that he's older....), and a game table that is set up for board games that we can leave out for days and days to finish whatever long game we want (Life, Monopoly, anyone?). I've re-organized the house and freed up some space so when (if) it gets hot, there is imaginative play available inside.

And for the outside, I've added a little fun to the usual bikes, sticks, and dirt.
This old couch became the kids' play couch as we got some nicer furniture. It's basically our version of a trampoline. Now, they can enjoy it even when they are dirty. Which, if he's outside, Roo is, quite, as you can see.

My re-organization?

Well, the house needed some work. And the school stuff. My part of the re-organization is going to take most of the summer. It'll involve a lot of prep work for next year, but for what we did last weekend- I was a good girl. I made the kids get rid of some of their toys before we brought more in. So I made myself get rid of some of my toys.

Yes, that means I went through the yarn stash. I pulled out half a small trash bag full. Mostly odds and ends. None of my nice hand-dyed stuff (not even hand-dyed remnants, I have plans for those!), but a lot of old project remnants, a few things I was given years ago that I haven't touched, have no plans for, and know I will never use, but have hung on to, just in case. That was harder than I anticipated. But it was good. Freed up some space (and a Rubbermaid) that can now be enjoyed as free space.

I've also been knitting away. I am about 4hrs away from completely finishing the cotton sweater. I am very excited about that. I have a little bit of edging to knit, and then it's seaming time. Then on to pattern writing and the next project!!!

I have a couple secret projects not related to the book to do next. Then I get to come back to the book- and a huge lace-weight project that I've been looking forward to with some trepidation. Nothing like learning new skills on the job!!

I love a challenge.


Sara said...

Who the heck steals legos?

I love that your children are not obsessed with techno-entertainment...and that they get DIRTY!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Ditto to everything Sara said!