Monday, September 3, 2012

It's all in the Details

I am at the point now if just finishing the details of my home. You know, putting the pictures on the walls, unpacking the last few boxes, all of those fun little details of organization that make a house into your own personal home.

In this case, those details are different than they have been in any other home I've lived in. Oh, there's the normal details of putting the pictures up, deciding which wall the piano will be up against; but here, I've added some special details. I'm not totally done, but I think this is the last time I will be posting what I'm doing- as the rest is pretty small stuff.

So, remember this?
 That turned into this?
 Well, now it is this:

 It was very hard to photograph, as there is no way I can get all the steps in one shot. So you got three. I hope you can see the progression a little bit. If not, just look up Psalms 121. All 8 verses are there- on 10 steps. I know, because I put them there.
First with pencil, then with a very small paintbrush.  It's not perfect- for sure the phrases are not centered, I know the lines are not straight; I have a definite drift in my writing. But still, I love how it turned out.
And that chapter just seemed so appropriate to have on the stairs leading to Joel and I's space.

Also, in my living room, there was this:
 Which is now this:

 Which I love. Somehow, it fits that space to perfection.

For whatever reason, the first thing I decided I wanted in my living room when I found out I was moving- was a tree.
A big one.
On the wall.
Where it's obvious where you first walk in the front door.

I didn't get it.

I got 5.

 And 6 birds.

And I love it. With this on one wall, the vine on the other, and a painting of my grandmother's of deer in the forest between them- I have a bit of God's creation in my home. I find it so peaceful in this room now. 

I am so pleased with how this all has come together. The kids are so pleased with their special walls, and I am thrilled with mine. For us this home really is "Narnia",  as Joel calls it.  We are so incredibly blessed beyond our wildest imaginations. 

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