Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Club Pattern

The Unique Sheep just started sending out shipments for their Art Nouveau Club. And the first shipment is a new pattern of mine!

Introducing the Edwardian Sock:

This sock was a little different than my usual designs. For one thing- I never actually touched the yarn or the sock. I didn't knit it. When Laura put out the call for submissions, I sat down with my stitch dictionaries and thought about the fashion and style of the turn of the last century. I found some stitch patterns I liked, did a sketch, and sent it off.
            When it was accepted, I sat down with the stitch patterns and a calculator and wrote the pattern. Sent it to The Unique Sheep, who sent it to a test knitter, who emailed me a lot because I messed up a lot, then the tester sent the sock to The Unique Sheep. Laura took pretty pictures- and here it is!

 Laura is a much better photographer than I am....

I don't know how to put my inspiration into words with this design- it just embodies my ideas of accessory fashion for that time period- small gauge, attention to detail, texture....  I think it turned out well. I might enjoy this kind of designing in the future!

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