Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daisy Spring Dress

Here is the dress my daughter wanted. It turned out quite nicely. I used one skein of Berrocco Cotton Twist (I've been searching for a use for that one skein!!) and 2 1/2 skeins of TLC acrylic. It has a textured daisy on the front:
I'm pleased with how it turned out; and the best part is that so is she! She actually wears it! You knitters know that the danger for knitting for your kids is that however excited they might be about picking out the yarn and seeing you knit it up--they may decide to never wear the finished product. Not this time! She wouldn't take it off the first day. Hooray! That is success. :-)
This pattern is an original Lobug Design, and is for sale for $4. (If you want it, just put your email addy in the comments, I'll contact you.)

It's been a wild week. I've been cleaning my house like crazy. I think I have spring fever; I'm cleaning and organizing most everything--including storage space! I just could not sit down on Monday. I'm a bit more normal now, but it was wild. Last night, there were some people coming over for Bible study, so I really felt like I had to get my house in order, and my kids prepared. I got everything ready, and warmed dinner up again so I could finally sit down and eat. My mind was in space I think. I discovered that Brussel Sprouts are a good microwave cleaner. Yeah, if you nuke them without something over them, they explode all over the microwave and you have to clean the entire thing!

I have some light green cotton/acrylic sock yarn I want to knit up-- but I am having a hard time with a design for it. I want to design my own, rather than follow a pattern. I haven't done a lot with sock design, and I want to get into it. So I'd like some reader participation here---what kind of sock design would you like to see?? Lace, cabling, texture...........???? what? Give me some feedback here!! I'll post the pattern for free here when they are finished. What would you like to knit on socks, given the chance??

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Rena said...

You know the socks that have "arch support" around the middle... can that be put in? A lace top sounds cool. (I have first comment! Maybe someone else will offer an idea also.) Funny, I have some green yarn that looks like good sock material as well...