Friday, July 18, 2008

Hurray for Friday!

It's Friday already! I am so glad. It means I get to hang out with my husband this evening and see him more tomorrow and the day after!! He's been working a LOT lately. He has his normal 7-6 job (that includes drive time), and has been working after work trying to finish some side jobs he accepted. He's also been working Saturdays, so we haven't seen him as much as we want to. But since Friday is our "date night" he'll come home after his normal job and not do any extra work. Even if our date is just playing chess after the kids go to sleep, it sure is nice!!

Yesterday, my sister-in-law came over and taught me and some of my friends how to make Blueberry Soup. Sounds wild, huh? (It was actually good! My DD liked it and she's a picky eater.) Apparently it's quite normal in Poland to have fruit soups during the summer. I guess the Polish eat soup every day, so they have to have quite a variety of soup--and who wants to eat hot food when it's hot? So they have cold soup--fruity kind.
This is the 2nd time my SIL has come to teach us about Polish soups. One of my friends suggested it, and it has been such a great idea! The cooking part really only takes about an hour, but the talking and having fun part takes at least 3 hours. ;-) I'm telling you, you're missing out!! ;)

I've recently switched my youngest son to cloth diapers instead of disposable. I figure he's almost done with them anyway, but the price of everything is going up so much--if I spend on cloth diapers in one month what I spend on disposable--it'll save me $35-50 on each following month. So I did. I bought hemp diapers. Ever heard of them? I used cotton on DD when she was wee, and I am so impressed with these hemp ones! They are way softer, more absorbent, and apparently easy on the environment. This is where I got them. This is a place with some more info on them. I'm only using them at nap and night time now (we're potty training!! I can't believe I am so close to having no children in diapers after 6 1/2 years of changing diapers!!), but they are much nicer than spending so much money on disposable!!

Not much I can say about knitting today. I am doing some secret knitting and it is coming along well, and I can hardly wait until I can share it. Other than that-- well, I really haven't had much time for it. As it is, I need to go clean my house and take my kids for a bike ride.


MusicRaven said...

Wow, it has been awhile since I have had the diaper issue. I bet cloth diapers have come along way. Your blog is nice and I love the title picture. I am from the "comment train" on Ravelry. Great blog.

egghead said...

Your post reminded me of my friend from Poland who taught me how to make the best strawberry soup!

Good for you for switching to cloth. Now that my fourth is the only one in diapers I have been thinking of switching back. I'm just worried that the extra load of laundry will actually be the death of me. :)

I'm from the ravelry train too.