Thursday, July 31, 2008

The meanings of words.

I love the way children understand words. They are so literal-minded. (I lead in like this so I can share examples. I think it's called a segway. ;D) The other day, ES was talking to DD about coffee. They wanted to know why only Papa drinks it in our house. ES finally informed his sister that it's "called coffee because it makes you cough". That would make sense, I suppose. Do you know why it's called coffee?? Short of the fact that it's made from the coffee bean? B/c why is it called "coffee" bean?? We really didn't have an explanation for him.
Then yesterday, they got to have a wee bit of soda- uncaffienated. And they got to talking about the "brown" soda (Coca Cola). ES was very emphatic to his sister: "You can't have the brown soda." "Yes, I can." "No, you can't, you're allergic to it!!" "I am NOT allergic to it!" "Yes, you are! It has caffeine in it, and caffeine comes from calves!!!" (really I should spell it calfs-that's how he said it) At this point they both looked at me- one for verification and the other for assurance that that was NOT true. So of course I had to explain that it does not come from calves- but I have no idea where it does come from......there seems to be a lot of those kinds of explanations lately.............

On the knitting scene, I have recently realized that my SIL is going to be having her baby very soon, and I have yet to make anything for little "Critter". So, instead of whipping out the baby yarn, I get out sock yarn to make socks for my MIL. My reasoning being that I have promised socks to MIL and she will be coming for the birth of "Critter" and I need to prove that I am doing what I promised (since I promised her 2 pairs of socks and a jacket). So I have been frantically knitting socks so I can get to the baby knitting I need to get done! I finally finished them last night--can I just say I am thrilled with them?? I don't have a digital camera (I know you've heard it before) so don't have pic's yet, but be assured that when I do get pics I will post them. I used Panda Cotton. Ever heard of it? Amazing yarn. Definitely must get some whenever I get around to making socks for me. I LOVE this yarn. It is almost a rival against Unique Sheep yarn--only because it has no wool, and I can't wear wool on my skin. .....Although, the Unique Sheep has a new yarn out: Pima Petite. I got to design some bath sets with it, and I can tell you, it is some of the softest, nicest cotton I have EVER used. Gorgeous yarn. And in Laura's colors.......oh, luscious!! Seriously, 2 new yarns you need to check out: Panda Cotton, and Unique Sheep's Pima Petite.

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