Saturday, March 14, 2009

Somewhere around here.....

I lost my knitting mojo. If you find it, please give it back!

I haven't posted in weeks- sorry- but there are reasons. Really. See, my little family got sick. The flu came to visit and stayed a long time. Joel came home sick on a Monday and wound up missing 3 days of work. 2 for him and 1 for me. The kids got it on Wednesday, and it came to me on Thursday. Friday I had to call Joel home from work to take me to the Dr. to get antibiotics for pneumonia. It's been a few weeks, but we are all finally well. *phew*

But in the midst of all that, all desire to knit ran away from me. It's been so long since I picked up the needles, that my knitting callouses have grown out. This is not a good time for this to happen to me.

I have a lot of contracted knitting to do this year, and having no desire to knit is not helping. Unfortunately, when I do get this knitting done, I won't be able to post about it, b/c it's almost all secret knitting. But, I will get to periodically reveal some of last year's secret knitting! So the blog will not be knit-less. :-)

In the meantime, here are 2 pairs of socks I finished earlier this year-

This is a pair that I made for me from some yarn I bought from a fellow Raveler. It's Cascade Fixation yarn (cotton/elastic), and I haven't decided yet if I like it. I started with small needles, and it was hard to knit. I moved up a needle size on the cuff, and enjoyed it more. But it was good to have tighter knitting on the foot. I played with these a lot b/c they were for me. There's sections of stitch patterns from my books here and there, and I did an afterthought heel just 'cause I'd never done one before. I am quite happy with how they turned out.

These are Rosehip socks. The st pattern is called Rosehip, and I made them for my MIL. They turned out well, and I am pleased (b/c she likes them...) The yarn is Panda Cotton, which is mainly bamboo, and I love it. It is one of my favorite yarns. I have discovered that I like Bamboo yarn in pretty much every combination I have tried it in. I like the softness, the shine, the smoochiness.... It's a lovely yarn. And really, very "green". Bamboo is incredibly useful. Think about it- it is used to make fabric, yarn, knitting needles, fences, floors, baskets, blinds; it's used as food, medicine, in construction- there are so many uses!! Find more here. Besides the fact that is an amazingly renewable resource. Bamboo is cool. :-)
Oh yeah, this is a camera cover I made for my new digital camera! I really felt very clever about it. I had made a prototype of a hatband that just didn't work out; and when I decided I needed a camera cover and didn't have money to buy one or time to knit one..... I dug out this old bit of felted knitting, cut it up, sewed it up, put on a button, and hey,presto! A camera cover to protect the screen of my new camera!!
And now, with this lovely camera, I can share even more fun pictures......

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You should've said something in all those PM's about the household feeling sick... poor thing! Sending knitting mojo thoughts your way... I like Panda Cotton too... right now, I am knitting Panda Silk, and I gotta say, I sincerely dislike it. Maybe it's the pattern. But it doesn't seem spun quite tightly enough, and it's splitting like crazy. Doesn't help that the pattern is a KTBL traveling cable pattern; and every twist makes things worse. I even went up a size on the needles, which helped, but it's a good thing I'd done Panda before, because I'm NOT feeling the love this time!