Monday, March 30, 2009

Urgent Sunday

Yesterday was quite a day. It was Sunday, which is always nice; we all love going to church and seeing our friends and learning something good. However..... poor DD tried to have a snack there, and got something she was allergic too. Not a huge issue, we've never had to go to the ER for that- she just has an "owie" tummy until she is able to throw up the offending allergy. But that doesn't mean it's fun- 'cause it's not.

So we went home and dealt with that while lunch was cooking. I am not kidding you- the instant DD was feeling better, YS slipped on our hardwood floors and split his tongue open. Not as bad as it could have been- thank God, but bad enough to warrant a trip to Urgent Care. And as I was home alone with the kids (Joel takes kids to skate after church), it was an interesting trip. I called Joel and told him to meet me there. (that was fun in and of itself- he can't hear me over the skaters- I finally wound up literally yelling into the phone "STITCHES"- it's pretty funny now....)
Poor little guy. This picture is him trying to get some relief with an ice cube last night. He was so exhausted. This morning his tongue and lips were quite swollen, and really sore. It's odd not to hear my little chatterbox babbling about the house; he really doesn't want to talk right now. But he didn't get stitches, and I can already see his tongue healing. We are so thankful that everything worked out the way it did. He could have gotten hurt much worse; but he's going to be chattering about again in a couple days, I'm sure. :-)


Agata said...

Oh, poor little guy! I hope and pray he will feel better very soon. I'm sorry you had a rough Sunday.
Hugs :o)

knittingmama said...

Aww, the poor little fellow! Give him a hug from me.