Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I was good.
Sort of.
I didn't do the swatch after all.
I discovered that when I had frogged back to the heel, I wasn't comfortable leaving it. I put it on the needles right away so I wouldn't lose any stitches. So my needles were busy, and I had none for the swatch.

So....I....used a different size needles, and put the sleeves of Joel's Erratic Argyle sweater on them.
So I do now have two WIP's - which I haven't done for a long time- but every once in a while it has to happen.
I can't really show you pictures of the sock, because while I did change the design a bit- it's not enough to be obvious to anyone but me, so you'll have to wait for the book for those pictures.
I can, however show you the sweater. Not that you can actually see what is happening with it. I'm having a hard time seeing what is happening with it, and I'm the one knitting it. That whole stockinette stitch with black yarn thing.

So this is what I'm doing. I decided to not waste any time whatsoever with it- so rather than frogging and winding the sleeve only to re-knit it- I'm frogging as I knit. It's going pretty well, really. Although, I had forgotten how very much the dye on this yarn bleeds. I have to wash my hands every time I put this project down. Which is a lot with my busy life!
Besides knitting part of the Erratic Argyle again, I also took a little time and re-worked the pattern and put it up for sale on Ravelry. So if you weren't able to get this pattern when it was published in Yarn Forward, you can get it now.buy now
I'm wanting to finish the sleeves before Valentine's Day, so Joel can have it then, but that is probably very unrealisitic especially since Dear Joel has long arms to correspond to his perfect manly height. (and he doesn't like it when the sleeves don't fit. Ask me how I know.)

I need to get the Roo off the table now- but just a reminder, I'll be at Knit-a-While tomorrow, stop in for a visit and a chance to win a pattern.

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