Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trying to keep my knits about me

Yesterday, I finished reading this book:

Yes, it's been available for awhile now. Yes, I'm slow. But I did get the book, and I did read the book (in 3days), and I did enjoy the book, and I do recommend the book.

It's good! Shannon has put together a must-read for those that aspire to enter the world of handknit designing. (yes, that even sounds cliche' to me) But truly, I think there is some great advice in there. And I will probably be going back to it again and again as a reference guide and advice column as I continue to design.
I was happy to see that I wasn't completely off-track with what I'm doing. I have to admit, that was one reason I got the book... ;)

Yesterday, I also continued in my procrastination of working on the socks I currently have on my US size 0 needles. Not b/c I don't like them, but b/c I'm a bit discouraged with them. I knit one of the socks, after futzing(I don't know how to spell it, I only know how it sounds. No, I don't know if it's a real word, but I don't care, I'm going to use it anyway, 'cause I say it all the time as it is.) around with the design for awhile. And I was happy with it.
And then I tried to put it on.
And then I had my daughter try to put it on.
And then I sent it to the person that I made it for and had her try to put it on.
And then I got it back in the mail with the note that said "Sorry! I can't get it on, either!"
:insert big sigh here:
So I took out the binding (it was a toe-up), and tried again to put it on.
And then, I finally admitted- the whole thing is way too small.
And I put it in the frog pond; and proceeded to try to fix the 2nd one that was already on the needles and 1/4 of the way done.
Still working on it. But now it's 1/2way done, and I am done with this design.

This happens to me a lot.
I make a design. I knit the design. I love the design. I look at the design, and I smile.
Then I realize I have to knit the design again. And I'm done. It was nice the first time.
And I say to myself: "Self, this is why you are a designer. When you design, you get to knit something brand new. HOWEVER, self, now you must be good and FINISH this pair of socks BEFORE starting the next design."
(Yes, I talk to myself. Yes, my children look at me oddly for it. I don't care.)

So I'm trying. I'm knitting the sock. Then I WILL frog the leg of the other and finish it too. I will.

But in the meantime.....

I dug out a sweater I did a while ago for Yarn Forward magazine. Remember this? This is the Erratic Argyle. I like it. My husband likes it.
But he won't wear it.
That is why you see it now- with the sleeves off, and the child standing on it trying to get my attention.
I have to fix the sleeves so he'll wear it. He said they are puffy and girly. Ok. I can fix that. I can fix that while I teach the kids about the stars. I am good at frogging while talking. So yesterday, this is how I procrastinated.
Tomorrow, I'll knit on the socks......


Alexis said...

Sorry the sock turned out to be too small. That sounds really frustrating. Good luck fixing it! :)

That's how I would spell "futzing," too. And hey, it's even on Maybe that makes it a real word?

I like the argyle sweater a lot. Hope you can get it so that your husband will wear it.

Mlle said...

Yowch, the too-small sock. Heartbreaking, sometimes.

Like cats, kids love to be in pictures, don't they? Some sort of super-sonic hearing going on; they can hear the click of the camera before the picture is taken.

Sue said...

That's too bad about the sock. I hope you can get it fixed. I know I couldn't. I would just find someone with that size and give it to them! lol

The picture of child trying to get your attention is adorable!!

Turtle House Knits said...

The sweater is beautiful! It looks like it was a lot of hard work. Maybe you can wear it instead that's what I do when I make something and it doesn't worn by someone!