Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random List

1) Today is my Husband's Birthday. We don't really get to celebrate because he is at work. But I intend to have a chocolate pie (his favorite) waiting for him when he comes home. :D

2) I am so incredibly close to finally finishing this pair of socks. If I can just get an hour and a half of peace this evening, I will be done.

3) There is no way in the world I will get the sleeves done for Joel's sweater before Valentine's Day. I know this, because it would take a full day of knitting, and I won't have that before Monday. But I might get it done before next weekend. Here's hoping.

4) I'm clueless when it comes to telescopes and constellations. Really, totally clueless.

5) I'm supposed to be teaching my children about the Solar System. Some wonderful friends lent us their telescope.

6) I spent an hour trying to look through the telescope on Tuesday evening. It was a perfect evening for it- quite clear.

7) I couldn't see a thing. Yes, I took the lense caps off!!!! I even spotted on a streetlamp, and still could only see through the spotting scope and not the actual telescope.

8) The blog tour continues: I'll be at Sunset Cat Designs tomorrow, and Digitalnabi on Monday! Hope to "see" you there!

9) I can't believe it's time to clean the bathrooms again.

1 comment:

Barb Szabrowicz said...

Wish your hubby a very happy Birthday for us :D

Never could get ours to work either ;) Good thing we get a good view of the stars lol
Love the photos :D