Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Purl or to Twist?

Well, I did not finish the socks last Thursday. But I did finish them last Friday! In fact, I was just a little bit selfish and finished the socks first thing in the morning instead of starting school on time. But we got school done too, so it was ok. :)

I am 6 inches away from finishing the 2nd sleeve of Joel's Erratic Argyle. So incredibly close. I am hoping to be able to finish it this evening- but not holding my breath as I have an amazing amount of paperwork to do tonight too.

I cast on a new sock design this last weekend. I have the toe of the sock almost done, and I must confess, the inspiration is not working very well. I am going to have to make a decision here soon about just what this pattern is going to be and I am rather stuck. I kind of want to do a knit purl texture on this sock, but I'm pretty sure the colors of the yarn will make it impossible to see any patterning done that way. So I thought cables, but I'm concerned for the same reason. In looking at this yarn, I'm really feeling like it is telling me it needs lace; but lace doesn't go with the inspiration at all! Now as I'm sitting here thinking about it, I'm wanting to do some sort of special construction technique to make it work, but the ones that are coming to my mind aren't really fitting into my plans either. I think a trip through the stitch dictionaries, followed by some time with Knit Visualizer is going to have to happen before I get any farther. Maybe even some sketching.
Sketching is not my strong point; but there are some designs that absolutely beg for it. Which probably means I will be casting on a completely different sock design with different yarn and needles tomorrow or Thursday. Perhaps this design needs to percolate a wee bit before it is ready to talk to me nicely....

I hear colorwork calling my name- and that is not this sock.

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