Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing to Report...

....but I'm reporting anyway.
Things are pretty quiet around here this week. (I shouldn't say things like that, I'm sure I've jinxed myself now.) I know this to be true because I finished up a sock (a sock with a gauge of 10st per inch on 2.0mm needles) in a week even with having to frog the first 2-4 inches of it at least 5 times. And I am glad that I went ahead and did that. I like the end result. In fact, I know the end result is good because Joel commented on it before I asked him to- and his comments were good; as in "that is a cool sock" and "the pattern really works with those colors", rather than "Yeah, it looks fine. You did great." That last is the normal comment I get, so when it goes up even a notch, I'm pretty happy. (He really doesn't care about socks, but he loves me, so he plays this sweet little game with me about the sock designs I do.)

I was good. I finished the Kitchener this morning and cast on the second one right away. For those of you who have wondered and commented in the past- I do my socks with the Magic Loop method- and I used to do them 2-at-a-time, but I had to stop. It's one thing to whip out two socks at time when you are following a pattern- but I'm usually not. I'm designing. And when I design, it is very frustrating to have to rip out and re-organize not just one sock on the needles, but 2. So while I would normally prefer to work 2-at-a-time, I don't do it when I design. It's much faster and easier to design them one at a time. Yes, it's harder because of my horrible Second Sock Syndrome, but it is a better way to go. So I am trying to be good, I've already cast on the 2nd sock- but I noticed that progress then immediately slowed way down. :shaking my head here: Oh well.

I also have the pattern pretty much written up, which is well in advance of how I normally do it. I think I'm getting excited to be done with the hard part of this big project. I already have a test knitter for this pattern- and then I only have one more pattern to design, write, and have tested for book #1. I am so jazzed. That is definitely not all the work that needs done for it, but the most time consuming stuff on my end is almost over; and then I can concentrate on something other than socks!!! Not that I don't like to design socks, because I do; but it will be so nice to have a little break so I can come back with fresher ideas in the future. I'm really excited about some sweater designs I've been sitting on for awhile(as in over 2yrs). This is so fun. :D

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