Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slowly knitting

This latest design is dragging. And I'm not sure why.

I'm working with yarn I really really like. I'm happy with the pattern I'm trying to put it in. I am liking the result so far. But it is still dragging.

I could blame the lack of knitting time. I think that is definitely playing a part in it. I have been so busy this week. And I really can't tell you what I've been busy with because I'm not sure.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you run around like a chicken with its head cut off and have no clue what you've been running around doing??? I know I'm getting things accomplished, but they're not really anything to speak of, ya know? Normal day to day things like cooking, cleaning, running errands, getting groceries. Things that wear you out and take up so much of your time, but at the end of the week, you really don't have anything to show for it. Mostly because it all gets eaten up or messed up or used up. That's the kind of stuff I've been busy with lately. For some reason, this week is chock full of that kind of busy-ness.

But I can't blame the drag on the design entirely on the lack of knitting time. A lot of it, but not all of it. I think I have to blame the rest on the fact that I already knit this once. Once with a lot of problems and it's no good, and I have to rip it out, and I will rip it out when I am done with the re-do so I can knit the other sock so that I have a pair so that I don't have one cold foot and one warm foot after the photography session is done and I get to have this pair to wear because I'm making it for me because I don't have very many socks and I need more and I love this yarn and I want this pair for me. (That was some of the fastest typing I've done in a while. *pant, pant*)

I have horrible SSS (*Second Sock Syndrome for those of you who aren't into the knitting lingo). And I am demonstrating that now. I need to get a grip and just do this. I will. I should be able to have a complete sock by the end of the weekend. Then I'm giving myself a week to rip out the 1st one and re-do it. It's on US size 3 needles, not the 0's, so that will help a LOT. I'll be back to the 0's after this design is done. (Hah! The next design is going to feel like it's taking forever after working with the 3's!!! )

I know my posts are sadly lacking in pictures lately. It's very hard to share what's up when so much of my knitting is secret. I guess I'll have to find something besides knitting to talk about next week.


Sue said...

I have 3 projects going at once right now and because of that they are all dragging and nothing is getting finished. lol

Jessica said...

how about magic loop with 2 socks at a time? that is also time consuming, but the advantage of it is that you don't finish sock #1 with a feeling of horrible dread that you need to do another! :)