Friday, July 1, 2011


"It's something to say when you don't know what to say."

Tuesday, my Father and Mother-in-law took the children and I to see the Broadway musical of Mary Poppins.

I have the best in-laws ever. And you can't have them. So there. ;D

We had a blast! All the kids stayed awake for the whole 2hrs and 45minutes of the show. And they stayed interested and focused on it (until the end, when Roo decided the Exit sign over my head was more interesting if only because it looked like it just might be within reach if he tried hard enough). They especially liked the fact that it really wasn't like the movie (the older 2 are a bit tired of the movie, truth be told. And I'm kinda glad. I think I could sing you every single song on that show, verbatim, in order.)

In other news, Roo has started babbling in different ways. This is of especial note because his doctor (and I to a lesser degree and only occasionally) have been concerned about the fact that he's 1 and a half and not talking. I mean really not talking. 3 barely understandable words at this age don't really count. The doctor was concerned enough to send him to a speech pathologist. But over the last week, Roo has started babbling some new sounds, AnD acting like he's having a conversation with me in Roo-lingo. Sweet. Big progress. I'm stoked.

Before you think Roo's Dr and I are nervous ninnys, please understand that by this age, all my other children were using full sentences. Yes, I know that's probably somewhat unusual, but it's what I'm used to. Roo is different in many wonderful ways. The kid definitely has his own personal drummer. I'm just thrilled that he's showing progress which probably means we won't have to repeat visit the speech Dr. :D

And in the meantime, I think I discovered that the mitt mis-measurement actually wasn't a mis-measurement. I blocked them to different sizes on accident. *palm-face* Yeah, well, before you say anything about that, I'm not used to blocking mitts. I'll do better this time. I'll even break out the measuring tape. I'm just really really happy that I don't have to frog or cut or re-knit any part of it. I've got other fish to fry-er, things to knit- at the moment.

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