Friday, November 11, 2011

50 Things every Young Lady Should Know

A little Book Review Friday for you:

By Kay West with John Bridges and Bryan Curtis

This is a very nice little advice book for young ladies.  It was advertised for ages eight to fourteen, but I have to say I really think it is not for girls under eleven.  That’s just my opinion, but it does not seem necessary to me for an eight year old to read about dating and cosmetic etiquette.  If you’re okay with your daughter dating and going to dances at a younger age, then this book would be appropriate for her at that age. I am a bit old fashioned, maybe, but I think this book is for tween and teen-aged girls.

                That little rant out of the way, this is a good book. I do recommend it.  It covers a lot of material- from writing a thank you note to getting out of a car correctly.  It also covers how to use modern media such as the internet correctly- something I appreciated.  It is easy and quick to read, as each topic covers no more than 5 or 6 pages at most.   It will be a couple years yet, but this is one I am definitely going to have my daughter read- and keep for a handy little reference book. 

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