Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Deep Breath

It feels so very very good to complete something.

That sigh of relief when you accomplish a difficult task seems to make your body feel lighter.

I feel lighter now.

Last night, I bound off the last stitch and weaved (wove?) in the last loose end of a project. A medium-sized project that took a lot of calculations. Then I tried it on.

And took a big sigh of relief.

It was a bit of a gamble. I knit designed this top from side to side in one piece, and I had never done that before. I also had to add a bit of bust shaping in a different way- and I really was not at all sure I had figured it all correctly. But it turns out, I did!! I'm very pleased with this pattern.

Today, the deep breath and big sigh of relief was completing the pattern writing and grading for that pattern. I had to write it a bit creatively in order to get the shaping, the stripes, the lace edging all in there without it seeming like an impossible pattern. I think I managed to accomplish it though!! I think the way the pattern is written will make it much easier to knit than the way I did it, actually. The math and pattern writing took me 2 hours on my own last night, and about 6 interrupted hours today. Believe me, that was a big sigh.

Now, it just needs a test knitter. Any takers?

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