Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When there is time...

I finally seem to have gotten at least some of my knitting mojo back. It'a a good thing too. I seem to have a lot on knitting deadlines coming up quickly.

Or maybe it's just because I've had more time to sit and knit lately. So far this year, sitting time has been at a premium. But when you're sick, suddenly there's lots of time to knit.
Of course, that means that other things get neglected- like the floors, the dust, the dishes, the laundry....
But I do have something to show for it:
Swatches and flower (although, I discovered upon making the flower that the shirt I made if for really does look better without it. It was fun and easy and a good learning experience for me though.). I also have 2 nice long I-cords, and 5 inches worth of a man's summer shirt.

I'm starting to feel better today (I can tell because I can't handle the housework pile-up anymore and have the cleaning bug.), so the knitting is not going as quickly anymore; but I have a good start!

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