Wednesday, March 14, 2012


There used to be a little newspaper type publication in Eastern Oregon that was called Tidbits. I'd see it in restaurants.  It was a fun little read- just little bits of news, fun historical facts and jokes. I don't know if it's still around, but times like this I'm reminded of it.

There's not really a lot happening here that is newsworthy. Oh, there's always something going on, but at the end of the day, I can't really remember what it was that kept me so very busy. It's just life, you know?  But here and there are little tidbits that stand out. Just little bits of news or fun facts and the occasional joke.

Remember last year we were a bit concerned that Roo wasn't talking or even trying to talk? Well, I was a little, Joel wasn't at all, and the Dr. was concerned enough to send him to a speech therapist.  Anyway, none of us are the least bit concerned about his talking anymore. To those of you who were praying for him, thank you so much. He has crossed over and become an absolute little chatterbox. It's awesome. He gets new words every single day. Occasionally, they are words I have no idea where he heard them.
    Like last week, when it was lovely outside so I sent  him and his brothers out with a snack. Roo wanders back in, and I tell him that he needs to go outside with his snack and his boots.  He put his head down, turned around, muttered, "Whatebber" and went back out.
    I have noticed that he seems a bit dyslexic with his talking.  He calls coats "toacs", and to get is to "tec", things like that. But he's trying, we can understand him, and he's getting better every day. It is wonderful to hear.

Last night I completed the latest secret project for The Unique Sheep. That will be blocked today. I love finishing things. Not just because of the satisfaction of a finished product, although that is fantastic- but also because it means I get to start the next thing. I have 3 projects I need get to swatch for today, as well as a small project I should be able to start and finish within 2 days. I have to get cracking on it all- I have yarn coming next week for a new secret project....

Yesterday I finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I've heard a lot about the series for a long time. I was a bit leery of it because of the synopsis. It just sounded so violent and horrific. I'm not big on horror. In fact, I very much dislike it. But friends kept saying what a good book it was, and that it wasn't as bad as the synopsis made it sound. So I finally jumped in.
  I have to say, I was surprised. I get what they were saying; but the premise was still awful. It was tastefully done- but the ending was completely unsatisfactory to me. Of course I know it was done that way on purpose as a cliff hanger, but still.  I have hopes as to how I want things to resolve in the next couple books of the trilogy. Yes, I'm hooked. I will read them. Although I have heard that the others in the trilogy are not as well done as the first. I'll let you know what I think.

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