Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hot Weekend

Wow, the heat came yesterday. The weathermen originally predicted 96degrees, but at 6pm it was 88. I don't know what it topped at. It didn't cool a whole lot last night so today is set to be a hot one too. DH managed to get the air conditioner set up in our bedroom at 9:30 last night. He would have done it earlier, but with the Skatechurch LateNighter, and then he got a work call, it was a busy evening. The kids are thrilled with the heat. We pulled the wading pool out yesterday and had some of their friends over for a little "pool party". I let them play in the sun a bit longer than I should have without sunscreen (bad mama!!); but they just tanned nicely. Especially ES--he has such a golden skin tone! Burns are rare for him. It was really a good time! For me too, since all my kids friends are little, their moms have to come, so I get some adult conversation. Oh, it is so nice!!

I was talking to one of my friends yesterday about the cost of living these days. It is just crazy the way prices are going up! Mainly I'm talking about gas and groceries, but everything is expensive now it seems. Mostly because of gas prices, I guess. Anyway, we were talking about how to save money on food right now. A few months ago, I set up a 3 week menu, listing what we would have for lunch and dinner each day for 3 weeks. I did it as an experiment, thinking that it would be nice not to have to figure out what to cook every day. Well, it works great! But not just because I'm not stressing about what to cook. It is a big money saver too! I think that if I scheduled it even more--wrote out snacks and such too, it would help even more; but as it is, it's saving me at least $100 per month! And in this economy, that is a huge help! I think I could fix it up even better, utilizing some meals where we have leftovers, to use those leftovers in the next day's meals, etc. I will have to work on it. If anyone is interested in it, I would be willing to post it up here too, to give you ideas.

Yesterday I also was able to finish a pair of socks. Okay, so I grafted the toe of the second one this morning--but I finished them! I did 2 at a time on one long circular needle. It's called Magic Loop, and I am totally hooked. I've done 2 at a time on dpns, and it takes so much concentration, that I feel like it is going frightfully slow. Also, I couldn't figure out how to do cables and lace that way. With Magic Loop, it's no problem, b/c the socks are separate, but on the same needle. These worked up in 9 days--and they are adult male size, with an extra long leg for wearing with boots. Admittedly, it was USsize 5 needles-when most socks are worked on sizes under 4, so it was a faster knit b/c of that too. I'm not going to post pictures because not only do I not have a digital camera, but I am considering submitting this pattern somewhere, and it is not possible to submit patterns that have been shown. So, sorry. Just know that I am happy with them and may show them someday. :)

So now I have started working on the Moebius Cowl by Cat Bordhi. I'm afraid that the longest circular cable I have is 40" and she says 47" is the shortest that should be used. I'm beginning to understand why. I am really intrigued by this "magical" method of knitting, and I very much want to work with it. I may have to get a longer cable for my interchangeables! (Another excuse to buy knitting supplies!!) I think I may put this down until I am able to work it correctly. I have lots of other projects, so it won't be a big deal. I really need to finish the Celtic Icon anyway--or at least the sleeve I started--before casting on something else. (ha ha :-D)

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knittingmama said...

I would be interested in your menu plans. My kids will eat just about anything, but I am sick of cooking the same old stuff over and over. I'll be excited to be eating out of the garden soon!