Saturday, May 3, 2008


I love Saturdays when my DH is not on call. It's so relaxing. Even though the kids still get up really early (DD was up at 5:30 this morning!!), I don't feel like I have to rush to get things done so we can do schoolwork and whatever else has to be done before lunch. The hardest part of Saturday morning is keeping the kids quiet while their Papa sleeps in.
They did really well this morning staying quiet. It was pretty cute. DD sat in the corner and read books to her little brothers for over half an hour! So sweet! Of course, that was after............ ES (elder son) has a Lego car. He loves it. He changes it up and gets much delight showing off his new improvements. This morning, he discovered a new use for the "lights" of the car. It took me a bit to comprehend what he was doing. He learned that he could "shoot" the lights across the room quite effectively-----from his nose. Now, we've all heard the stories about the kids that get things stuck in their nose/ears and have to go to the Dr. So far, my kids seem to be pretty good about not putting things in those locations. Of course, it would have to be my imaginative ES that would come up with this game.
This being the same son that actually did put something else in his nose 2 years ago: He thought it would be fun to put a slice of olive in his nose to save it for later. But he put it in too far. I finally got him to blow hard enough to get it out. And naturally, I threw it away. He was so incredibly offended!! When I finally got him to calm down enough to tell me the problem, I learned he was only upset b/c I didn't let him eat the olive when it came out!!! I think it was traumatic enough he hasn't tried to put things in his nose again until today. I don't think the threat of going to the Dr. to take things out of his nose is as effective as it used to be.

As far as my knitting goes, I am in the process of finishing my Dad's Christmas present for this year. Then I will concentrate on the left front of the Celtic Icon sweater I am slowly working on---as well as the wedding present dishcloths (which I will post the pattern here for free when they are complete). I have to get busy with my knitting; I have baby and wedding showers coming up in a couple weeks and nothing for them. I need a boy baby gift, 2 unknown gender baby gifts, and at least 3 wedding gifts. But I am committed to not having more than 3 projects OTN at once. So I must go knit now. :-D

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