Saturday, May 31, 2008

Papa vs. Mama

Every once in a while, parents get a peek into the mind of a child. Oh, what a treat!! They have the most unique, fun ideas. :-) Yesterday, as we (Grandma, me and the children) were driving somewhere, Grandma and I were able to listen in on a very interesting conversation............. (approximate conversation due to time elapsed since then, and memory issues due to being Mama)

YS(younger son) has stuffed a thin straw into a crack in his carseat, and none of the children are able to get it out. They are discussing their options:
ES(elder son): "we could get some thin pincher things and stick them in and grab it and pull it out"
DD(dear daughter): "It would be best to take the car seat apart and put it back together"
ES: "What? Why? You can't break it!"
YS: "My staw!!"
DD: "You take the car seat out and turn it upside-down, then find the straw and pull it out!"
ES: "You can't take the seat apart, it doesn't come apart."
YS: "It stuck!!"
DD: "Well, Papa can saw it apart, and Mama can sew it back together!!"

At this point the conversation came to an end b/c Mama accidentally burst into laughter. :-D Isn't it cool how our children see us! Papa is good at taking things apart, and apparently, Mama can sew anything. I think they got that idea b/c they watched Mama stitching Papa's back support seat together last week. I really don't sew very much--knitting is more my style. :)

Speaking of which, I was able to borrow a digital camera this weekend, and have had much fun uploading a lot of my stash and WIP's onto Ravelry--- And here are some of them.
This one is my very first homespun. With a drop spindle. It was done at least 5 months ago, and I haven't picked up the spindle since. I want to! I am just so busy knitting, I have no time to spin!! When I use up a lot of my yarn, I think then I will spin more.

This little project is some socks. 2-at a time, on dpns. The ultimate in double knitting to my mind. However, I also think it takes me longer b/c of the amount of concentration needed. So when I have the right needle sizes, I prefer to work 2-at-a time in the Magic Loop method. Speaking of which, I am currently working on my first glove design in the Magic Loop method. I am very pleased with how it is turning out (the second time--the first needing immediate frogging!). When complete and test knit, it will be available at the Unique Sheep (see knitting resources).

This is the current status of my Celtic Icon sweater. It is missing the right sleeve and the sides of the hood. But what I have is all seamed up! B/c I dislike seaming so much, I thought I would seam as I finished each piece rather than save it all for the end. It turned out well. And I must say, I think it is the best seaming job I've ever done! I think I have finally conquered the intricacies of the mattress stitch! ;) B/c it's acrylic, I can't really block out the individual pieces anyway-and I am pleased with how it is turning out. It is a bit snugger than I wanted, but I think it will fit okay. Especially this fall.......I hope. :-) Of course, I may get to wear it sooner than that if I finish it quickly. The weather has been so odd here! So much cooler and wetter than usually for the end of May. We're still wearing sweaters in the morning and jeans all day instead of shorts. Not the usual! I'm glad. The heat bothers me; I 'd rather it stayed cooler. :-D

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Heather said...

Over here from Jena's blog. Glad to meet you. Don't know much about knitting I am afraid (dysgraphia tends to keep that sort of thing from happening:)) but I long to be able to do it. Beautiful work.

LOVE the kid conversation, too funny!