Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy, Happy Days

It has been crazy! I thought it would start slowing down a bit... I was wrong.

Last week, Joel was in Canada for the annual Skatechurch trip.  The kids and I went blackberry picking and made ice cream and cobbler with the delicious perfectly ripe berries. We had friends over, went to the library, all sorts of fun things. Then I painted the little boys' room.

Cutting in: (for contrast)


I love the way the curtains my mother-in-law gave me fit this room so perfectly. This room is now the same color as our "spare" room.  So nice to get to use leftover paint!  It worked out so very well, both Asher and Milo wanted a "green room, mom, a dark green room." Well, there ya go. :)

So that was last week. Then on the weekend, we got to host family!!! Lots of family! Almost all of our families!  Because my beautiful daughter was baptized on Sunday, and they all came to celebrate with us. :) It was so wonderful in so many ways. We had a most fantastic weekend.

And the highlight:

An absolutely wonderful weekend. :)

Now on to more painting, unpacking, organizing, and (drumroll, please) school preparation!

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