Friday, August 31, 2012


My kids love being outside. They love hiking and biking and picking berries and exploring.

Ian drew a picture from a memory of a hike to Multnomah Falls a while ago.  That picture is very important to him. I think it must be associated with some special memories, because it always makes him smile a certain way when he talks about it.
This is the picture he drew:

When I asked him what he wanted on his walls, this is what he gave me. I told him I wasn't sure I could do it. He said he didn't want anything else if he couldn't have that.

Well, it's not identical, but it's the best I could do:

The blue is the original color- that worked out so nicely!  He didn't want the tree trunks filled in, because he drew them so well with the markings- and I had no other dark brown to re-create it. He said he doesn't like it.  He said he REALLY likes it. :)

Happy kids make for a happy mama.

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