Thursday, August 16, 2012

One More Room

Done!!! Well. Almost. There is one more little detail I want to do, but it is going to have to wait. It's time to move in to the whole house. :D

So, this is what I started with-
This first shot is actually the stairs AFTER the refinishing, but before I did my thing:
This is looking south at the top of the stairs- BEFORE the refinishing of the floors:
This is standing at the window in the above picture, looking north- again, before refinishing:
And this is what I have now- Stairs:
Looking down the stairs:
Looking south at the top of the stairs:  (yes, I'm excited. I've already started moving stuff up. That's my massage table in the corner close to the window. And my wonderful husband put in the A/C last night, too.)
And this is standing by the window in the above shot, looking north:
Now I get to move in!


Donna said...

Wow - what a great space!! I love the wall color you chose.

Lupie said...

This is a great transformation! You even worked on the storage space. You have inspired me to star a project in my home.